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Abuse Law

McAteer & Co is Northern Ireland’s leading law firm in the area of sexual assault and childhood abuse actions.

If you or a loved one have had the horrible experience of being a victim of sexual, physical or emotional abuse, than our professional team may be able to help you. Whether it be by way of institutional abuse, clerical abuse, childhood abuse, abuse within the family or in any other situation, you have rights.

Our team of specialists in sexual assault and child abuse law is committed to helping victims of abuse vindicate their civil legal rights and to maximise on the legal remedies and redress available to them.

We have a demonstrated commitment to these cases and an understanding of the challenges for clients in confronting their abusers. We appreciate that talking about sexual assault and abuse is difficult and our specialist solicitors will do everything that they can to keep your distress to a minimum and will support you during the course of your case, with practical help and guidance.  

We are currently advising a large number of clients throughout Northern Ireland and the UK.  We are also advising and assisting victims groups in relation to submissions to the Government task force on Historical Institutional abuse established by OFMDFM. We have also made our own submission to the government task force. Please follow our progress on our news page.